1 in 7 people in the Treasure Valley are trying to avoid foreclosure:

foreclosure help boiseAmong them are doctors, engineers, farmers, managers, architects and lawyers.

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Want to Avoid Foreclosure? We Can Help


Here's the problem:

You want to keep your home – but may be struggling to make payments; or are behind in payments. The bank, news reports, government agencies and your friends all give conflicting and confusing advice on avoiding foreclosure. What can you do in this desperate circumstance – who will give you the truth?
And here’s what you probably want to know:

Do you have options other than foreclosure? How do you get the bank to negotiate better terms? How long will the foreclosure process take? How much will it cost?

Here's how we can help you stop foreclosure:

If you are behind on your house payments, you may be facing serious decisions. You might be at risk for losing your home to foreclosure or short sale or even bankruptcy. The consequences can affect your financial health and housing options for years.

Brown & Patrick will help evaluate your foreclosure situation, clearly communicate all of your options to avoid foreclosure and then represent and negotiate with your bank on behalf of your interest. Based in Boise Idaho for over 20 years, Brown & Patrick is a full-service law firm with 20 years of stellar experience serving clients in Boise and the surrounding area. The firm has responded to the current housing crisis by establishing a division to directly help homeowners facing these difficult foreclosure situations. We work one-on-one with families to address their problems and help them form a plan of action based on their individual situations. All communications are private and confidential.

Banks have lawyers, so should you.

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